The cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) is another one of the newer currencies on the scene. It was first introduced in 2014 but is widely accepted by many places as a form of payment. That includes some online casinos that allow for Monero gambling to take place. “Monero” translates exactly to “money” in Esperanto. This open-source cryptocurrency is decentralized and offers certain privacy aspects that other coins may not offer. One of the benefits of using Monero (XMR) is that they provide a customer with the ability to make anonymous transactions. That means there is no required credentials to use the cryptocurrency on a gambling site. In addition, this cryptocurrency is among the fastest when it comes to performing transactions. They usually take just a few seconds to complete. That gives it a huge advantage over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The biggest benefit of Monero is that there are no restrictions on its use. Basically, it can be used for online gambling bets or casino games without being monitored. Governments can’t ban this particular cryptocurrency or use the blockchain to track a customer’s identity. These advantages make playing online Monero slots so much better.

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