Welcome to Bitcoin slots online, where you can find the best Cryptocurrency slots categorized in all available altcoins and games like, free spins, jackpot slots and bonus games to play with BTC, Ethereum or any other coin of your choice. There are many benefits that come along with playing online casino slots at Bitcoin casinos. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized unlike traditional currencies like the dollar and euro whom are controlled and managed by banks. Online casinos using blockchain based technology offer better transparency than gaming sites with traditional currencies. Most of such modern gambling sites display bets and winnings publicly and in real-time.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Slot Games

Experienced players are familiar with the term provably fair gaming but what does it actually mean? The concept behind is unique to Bitcoin slots and other gambling games using cryptocurrencies. It’s meaning is that players and online casinos can verify the results with no cheating possibility on either side. Not all online slots at regular casinos are provably fair even if they pretend to be, blockchain based technology and slots usually display the latest bets below the actual game (on the same page) so that gamblers can see the latest bets including the actual result of each spin. The technology behind provably fair gaming can vary from one casino to another but keep in mind the more detailed information is displayed in real-time the higher the chances for a real fair gaming experience. Games with hashing algorithm generate a random number which acts as a fingerprint for each game played, this can influence the final result for each spin. You can verify the fairness of each slots spin and compare the initial fingerprint through the hashing algorithm technology. This randomized algorithm while playing slot games allows every player the chance to win the big prize and therefore a provably fair gaming experience.

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